A quick guide to empowering teachers to boost engagement

Motivated pupils means higher attainment: learn how engagement can enhance learning and retention.

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Teachers are aware that their pupils learn more, retain information for longer and behave better when they’re fully engaged. This handy guide breaks down the barriers to student engagement.

In this guide you’ll find out:

  • What engagement really means, and how to use pupil engagement to enhance learning and retention
  • The blend of cognitive, behavioural, social, physical and emotional factors that make up differing levels of engagement
  • Practical solutions, tips and tricks that you can put into practice straight away with your class
  • Why empowering students to take greater responsibility for their own learning really matters
  • How engagement and motivation are intertwined, with engagement often making up for a lack of motivation
  • How to contextualise your teaching, giving pupils choices, surprises, competition and the space to be creative

Download our FREE guide and find out how to increase attainment through student engagement.