A Quick Guide to Maximising Your Edtech Investment 

10 practical steps designed to help you assess your current budget, identify cost savings and achieve more with less 

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Managing a shrinking ICT budget can be tricky. Our handy guide will help you to adopt a strategic approach, leaving you to identify how to make the best use of your budget.

Included in this guide you’ll find out how to:

    • Conduct an audit; giving you the knowledge to update or retire outdated tech 
    • Bring your ideas to life to brief and deliver ICT spaces that work as a catalyst for engagement
    • Engage with stakeholders to maximise your investment from day one
    • Take a sustainable approach to lengthen the lifespan of your IT equipment
    • Simplify your technology management and cut back costs 
    • How to successfully implement BYOD in your school 

    With all this and more, download our free guide and start improving the operational efficiency of your tech.