A Quick Guide to Simplifying School Technology Management

10 practical steps to simplify your school ICT infrastructure, maximise bang for buck, and demonstrate your value 

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Getting the right ICT management practices in place can be tough. Our handy guide will help you to address your day-to-day challenges by adopting a unified and proactive approach to school technology management.

Included in this guide you’ll find out how to:

  • Maximise online safety in your school; helping to protect pupils and staff
  • Reduce the risk of cyber-attacks to keep your users and their devices safe 
  • Tackle common ICT infrastructure issues, without incurring any additional costs
  • Make the most of your existing resources, with free productivity tools
  • Bring all of your devices into one place; creating the ‘hub’ of the classroom
  • Help your school benefit from developments in modern edtech. 

With all this and more, download our FREE guide and start rationalising your school’s technology today.